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Bellyshot Series - 11 Weeks

Pre-Birth Education Decisions

Ridiculous. Thinking about education decisions at 11 weeks preggo.... Well, not so ridiculous for a Dad the 2nd time around, as I have 3 kids worth of experience and the related indoctrination/education. And as I wandered upon this article headlining Slate - which is one of the best "street discussions" I've read about Montessori - I thought it is worth a post.

Yes, my three existing kids are Montessori educated. I am a Montessori parent, in my style and understanding of development. I believe the majority of the time children need to learn "for themselves" - and words (ie, "Don't do that", "Please do this", "Great job!") without meaning, explanation, and action behind them are pretty much worthless and can distract a child from getting their job (development!) done. I've practiced this for 10.5 years - since D was 18 months old and we went to our first Montessori toddler class together.

And all throughout my kids lives, I have been surrounded by comments about how they are such great kids. The reason - in my opinion - is what and how they (AND I!) have learned from Montessori. In the end, it is all about respect. Respecting them as children and respecting that their development path is primarily determined by themselves - and we are only here to guide that.

Or so I say... Cause all my six-year-old wants to do is to learn more about everything:

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The Most Challenging Aspect of the Pregnancy

So now I find myself once again involved in one of the most challenging aspects of a pregnancy.

Dealing with my hot wife who is powering through unrelenting 24 hour "morning" sickness, body changes (Are these my tits?), and energy sapping fetus production, you ask?

Nope. That's a piece of cake, cause I adore her any way she comes. 5 Points awarded for that one.

No, no, the biggest challenge is playing the Baby Name Game - that is to say, picking yet another custom, cool, unique - but not too outlandish - name for the fresh one. With three raging successes behind me, I'm warming up to do it again.

Here is a cool tool that I will be using in the months ahead: The Name Voyager!

It's on iVillage.com. It provides an analysis of name usage and trends over the past 100 years.

You can play with it for hours!

Found it at: http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/strollerderby/default.aspx#20533

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First Preggo Purchase

One of the enduring things about our relationship is how we have always been quite evenly matched - in both intellectual and physical pursuits. This has been an important part of keeping us close, whether we are on all day walks in European cities or discussing daily events over dinner.

Since living together, we have always started each day with quiet time surfing the internet and then working out together. To prepare for the upcoming day's battles, we then have a spirited game of pingpong that welcomes us to each other with smiling, laughs, and teasing.

In the winter and when the weather is bad, we work out in our basement - J gets an early start with cardio, then goes into yoga whilst I ride a stationary bike and read. When the weather is nice, our workout is bicycling on a hiker-biker trail about a half mile from our house. As we are evenly matched, our bicycle rides are always harmonious - side-by-side with little competitiveness.

Now with a pregnancy at hand, we've been wondering how the workouts will be affected.

She's worried - she will no longer be able to keep up..... heart rate limitations.... arg! What to do?

So in the interest of maintaining a common workout bond, I am proud to introduce the First Preggo Purchase:

Got to keep riding, even with a bump! It's all about priorities.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

8 weeks - First Appointment

Made it through our first appointment at the birth center. Feeling better, all is good. J's ute is "round and squishy" accordingly to the most-excellent midwife. We are liking the birth center, as we did a tour a couple of weeks ago. Sooo much better than hospitals, but I'm brainwashed by three birth center births. No heartbeat heard yet, that should be at the next appointment in three weeks.

Hopefully, the nasty illness and tiredness, aka morning sickness all day long, will begin to ease soon. It's sad to see my baby (J, that is) taking such a hit.

So now begins the ongoing line - "I just wish I could do it for you...."

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Officially an embryo

J just informed me that today the our beloved sperm-n-egg combo residing in her has officially become an embryo....the whole package is the size of an apple seed. We're on our way!

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Day One

Guess you can say we jumped right in. J spent a day of feeling queezy/weird/lazy and I went into construction mode.

8 hours of nesting - building bedrooms in the basement that have been put off for months .... this is why I'm a "professional" - and ride a desk all day instead of a hammer. I'm sore!

Funny how biology just takes over when it comes to kids - a person is suddenly motivated to do things that otherwise will languish for long time.

Start Up

If energy and focus remain, this will be a blog that will follow my family as we explore the journey of adding a little one to our world.

Even though it was 3 days until her period is due, J took a home preg test yesterday. On the left is yesterday's test. VERY Dim.... but based on a morning of researching preg websites, it seemed clear that a egg & sperm combo are burrowing into the lining or her ute - or working down the f-tube - whichever!

Just to be safe, she took it again this AM, with the first morning pee. On the right is today's. No doubt about it! We're successful Breeders!

So the look on her face yesterday morning said it all - she had a completely different look - best described as BH (Biological Happiness). There is no match for that facial expression. All muscles are relaxed in a completely different way that can not be duplicated without that egg-n-sperm combo inside or her. It is what people call "the glow".

So off we go into the wacky world of pregnancy. I've been waiting for this for so long.... I have three incredible kids now - no way to compare them. But the chemistry between J and I is like no other couple - so this kids will be something off the charts! Off we go...............